Welcome to the Strategic Culture Survey Home Page
This questionnaire has been developed in order to enable companies to develop a picture of the norms and values that make each organisation special - in other words a picture of the very culture of the organisation.
However, pictures can only be created by asking you, our staff, how these norms and values manifest themselves in our day to day working life. As such we need you to answer these questions from your perspective. You may know of other departments or locations within your own department where things are different. We need to know how you see things.
There are no right or wrong cultures - only cultures that are appropriate for a company at its particular stage of its development and within its particular market place. The answers are anonymous so please be as honest and open as possible. There is no point to you responding as you would like the company to be if this is not the reality.
We do ask for some additional information which will enable the company to spot any differences in the perceptions of staff across the company. Answers to individual questions cannot be traced from this additional information.

Each question will consist of two statements. You should use your judgement to decide which of the statements is more appropriate to your company and chosse one of them.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. All that is required is that you answer them as accurately and honestly as you can.

The answers you give will remain anonymous so please give your real views on all the subjects.