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ALP is an Organisational Development Consultancy that helps organisations to manage change through managing culture. We do this by first analysing a company's culture and this done through a process of organisational audit, part of which includes mapping the company's culture.

The next stage is to work with the business in creating a change programme that is aligned both with the strategic plans of the business as well as the prevailing culture. A change plan that is not aligned with the business will not gain support of the Directors. A change plan that is misaligned with the Organisation's Culture will not gain the support of staff. Either way both will fail.

Finally we help the company implement the change. Even here the style of implementation can come into conflict with the prevaling culture and a change that ought to be accepted can still fail. ALP's role is to make it work.

ALP has three key areas of business.  These are:
bulletpoint.gif (321 bytes)   Mapping Organisational Culture
bulletpoint.gif (321 bytes)   Designing and Implementing Change Programmes
bulletpoint.gif (321 bytes)   Operating a Post-Graduate Diploma in Quality Management
This site is home to the Strategic Culture Survey questionnaire (SCS).
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